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At the heart of every yearbook is a story. We are storytellers, and to be a storyteller, you must be an effective story seeker. We will show you and your yearbook staff how you can effectively tell your school’s story through a unique theme, captivating cover, inclusive coverage and storytelling photography. So tell me your story. We know it is just getting started.

Chapman University

July 19-22, 2019

SoCal Yearbooks Workshop is different. It's a mixture of engaging learning and lots of fun. It's a community built around amazing award-winning advisers and students just like you from all over the country. We invite you to come learn, grow, and try new things in an inspiring environment.

Meet your teachers

Gain key knowledge and tips from industry leaders about current trends and emerging technologies, take away useful insights to apply to your yearbook.


Susan Massy

The best way to approach Susan Massy in the morning is with coffee… a non-fat vanilla latté to be exact. That’d be a venté. Massy has been drinking lattés and advising publications at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School in suburban Kansas City for a while… a long while. The yearbook she advises, The Lair, has received 19 Pacemakers and was inducted into the NSPA Hall of Fame. The book, and the students who produce it, have won a bunch of other awards and Massy has received recognition as a yearbook adviser. She was the 1999 JEA National Yearbook Adviser of the Year and the state journalism teacher before that. . She also advises both the newspaper and its online presence and teaches photojournalism. By the way, a blueberry scone would be good with that latté.



Mike Taylor sees things differently, and as a journalism specialist for Walsworth, he uses that creative edge to help yearbooks staffs across the country put together the yearbook they dream about. Mike was an adviser for 13 years at Lecanto High School in Lecanto, Fla., where his publications staffs won numerous state and national awards. He has been awarded the JEA Medal of Merit, CSPA Gold Key and Florida Scholastic Press Association Gold Medallion.



Stephanie advises the West Covina High School yearbook staff, The Quest, and has done so for 13 years. She wrote for her high school newspaper, The Bulldog Times, and then for her college paper, The Poly Post at Cal Poly, Pomona. Since joining the Yearbook community she's found various ways to live, breathe and eat yearbook, especially the fonts - there's no looking at fonts the same again. With her as adviser, her students have earned multiple awards from NSPA and JEA for their work in design, photography and writing.



Is a winner of multiple Pacemaker and Gold Crown awards. He is one of the most influential people in the Texas’ 75-year scholastic journalism history. He has taught three National High School Journalists of the Year and has had two Pulitzer Prize winning students.



It’s (book) lucky number seven for Cece Boehme and the crew at West Hills High School in San Diego. She specializes in taking total rookies and getting them comfortable with the basics of writing, photography, and design quickly so they can capture the year. Her guiding principles including “plan the work; work the plan” and “write for now and for ten years from now.” Cece is in her 25th year of teaching English but loved adding yearbook to her schedule because it renewed her connection to the school, allowing her to experience so much more than she saw from just her classroom; she relishes seeing her yerds do the same.



Crystal Kazmierski is a former yearbook adviser to the Wings staff at Arrowhead Christian Academy in Redlands. She continues to be a writer and graphic designer for Redlands Christian Schools development. She also teaches at journalism workshops and is a docent at the Gamble House in Pasadena.



Mike Bugaoan is a professional photographer and videographer specializing in lifestyle photography to portrait work and video work for commercial campaigns to travel films. Having a strong background in the marketing and advertising fields Mike has been afforded the opportunities to work with amazing brands such as the USA Network, Mr. Robot, Comic Con and artists such as 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, The Chainsmokers, and the Epic Rap Battles of History. Mike has his displayed his work in three gallery installations in the last few years and is currently accumulating work for a fourth gallery collection and a coffee table book.



Jim McCrossen is a former professional photographer in Southern California and is the current world record holder for years advising yearbook and newspaper at Blue Valley Northwest High School in Overland Park, KS. He values great visual storytelling because, frankly, he’s not very good with words.



Becky Lucas Tate, CJE: While advising both the newspaper and yearbook at Shawnee Mission North High School for the past 28 years, Tate has been named a Special Recognition Adviser in newspaper by the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund and in yearbook by the Journalism Education Association. She also received the Engel Award for the Outstanding Kansas Journalism Teacher of the Year in from the Kansas Associated Collegiate Press. Tate's staffs consistently earn All-American and Medalist ratings along with Crown and Pacemaker awards.



Andrew Young is about to begin his seventh year advising The Round-Up yearbook at Woodland Junior High School in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He has been named a 2017 Rising Star by JEA, 2018 Arkansas Adviser of the Year and 2018 Fayetteville Public Schools Teacher of the Year. His staffs have been recognized in JEA MS/JH Media Contest, NSPA Picture of the Year and Design of the Year contests, Arkansas Scholastic Press Association awards, Walsworth Photo Contest and last year their yearbook was a CSPA Crown finalist. He currently serves as Secretary on the Arkansas Journalism Adviser's Association Executive Board and was selected to serve as a differentiation editor for the JEA Curriculum.



Leland Mallett has been advising yearbooks and newspapers since 1999. He is the newspaper, yearbook and photo adviser at Legacy High School in Mansfield, Texas. Legacy’s publications have won Crowns, Pacemakers and Stars. Mallett serves as the Webmaster for the Texas Association of Journalism Educators (TAJE). Mallett won JEA’s Distinguished Yearbook Adviser award in 2018. In 2015 he won the Max Haddick Texas Adviser of the Year award from ILPC. He has also won the Edith Fox King Award, TAJE Trailblazer, Dow Jones Special Recognition Adviser and JEA's Yearbook Special Recognition. Leland loves the art of telling stories in any media. But really, he’s just going through life trying not to look like a moron.



Don trains staffs and sales reps in multiple areas of yearbook related technology. A specialist in AR, InDesign, and video/audio production, his main purpose is to solve tech problems in creative ways.

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Comprehensive journalism workshop covering designing with both InDesign and Online Design, copywriting, business and marketing, staff organization and motivation, leadership, digital photography and photojournalism, Photoshop, yearbook trends, and much more.

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